Home-alone child escapes blaze

SIBU: It was a miracle that a three-year-old boy escaped safely when his grandfather’s house in Sungai Sadit near here caught fire, yesterday.

In the fire which flared up around 11am, the boy was believed to be alone in the wooden house.

It was believed that his grandfather went to town while his grandmother was at their nearby vegetable garden.

His parents are working in Limbang.

“As our vegetable garden is quite near, I saw the fire and thick smoke,” said the 50-something grandmother.

She remembered rushing to the house and trying to enter it, but the fire was already too intense for her to do anything.

She wasn’t sure how her grandson escaped the fire, but she was very glad that he did.

She said even though none of their possessions could be saved from the fire, she thanked God that the little boy got out alive.

Firemen rushed to the scene but could not save the house. The cause of the fire and total loss of properties have yet to be determined.

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