Insane ‘shaman’ acquitted of murder charge

KUCHING: A self-proclaimed ‘shaman’ has been acquitted of a murder charge by reason of insanity.When delivering judgment on Wednesday afternoon, High Court Judge Rhodzariah Bujang ordered that Bunsi Tading, who hails from Lundu, be sent to a mental institution, Hospital Sentosa.

Bunsi, 45, was charged with and tried for murder, an offence provided for under Section 302 of the Penal Code. Murder is punishable by the mandatory death penalty.

He allegedly murdered Mejar Tambi, 61, at 10.04pm on Aug 3, 2006 at Sungai Belian in Lundu.

Both Bunsi and Mejar were from the same village.

Prior to the judgement Bunsi was also ordered to undergo observation at Hospital Sentosa to determine whether he would be fit for trial.

According to police investigation, Mejar was seen loitering around the village carrying a parang on that material day. The police also suspected that he was suffering from some kind of mental problem.

It was said that Bunsi lost control of himself during a power blackout that night. He then allegedly got hold of a parang and attempted to slash others.

Mejar was said to be striving to save his sister and sister-in-law who were also in the house but unfortunately died.

It is said that he had been treated at Miri Mental Hospital many years ago. He was transferred to the mental hospital here on May 11, 2005 but he failed to turn up for the appointment.

Through his lawyer Wit Malang recently, Bunsi failed to get the murder charge reduced to manslaughter.

DPP Musli Abdul Hamid prosecuted.

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