Teachers reminded of task in moulding future generation

SIBU: Teachers must remember their responsibility as educators to create good future leaders and citizens.Vice-president of United Chinese Association (UCA) Kong Hieng King said yesterday that teachers were given the task to bring hope to their students for a better future.

He was speaking during a UCA Teachers’ Day celebration to commemorate Chinese philosopher, Confucius.

“Children are like dim light and as such teachers are responsible to give hope to them through good education and eventually brighten the light,” he said.

Kong, who is the event organising chairman, said education would have impact on the people’s mind, soul and strength.

According to him, teachers should always use their creativity in teaching so that their teaching would be parallel with the country’s development.

“Our country’s development is very much dependent on education and a good education comes from a good teacher,” he said.

He said teachers should inspire their students to study by showing their love and enthusiasm in giving them good education.

Yong Chui Hua, a representative from the Sibu Education Department also spoke.

She asked teachers to work hard to become good teachers, adding that they should get out of the comfort zone and explore the world to widen and develop their knowledge.

“We should not be easily satisfied with the things we have right now … education is a journey, and we cannot deny that the journey is long,” she said.

Recalling her time as a student, she said teachers should take the initiative to take the road less taken.

“Once you take the initiative, you will discover new things, new knowledge that cannot be found in a book,” she said.

Apart from that, she also reminded teachers to use their own creativity in their teaching instead of the “chalk and talk” method.

She explained that the world is changing and teachers should cope with the changes and come out with new ideas to educate their students.

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