Deserving poor list needs updating: MP

SEMATAN: Many needy fishermen in Tanjung Datu, Pantai Damai and Demak Laut have not received any government aid and assistance because their names are not on the list of needy persons.

SACRIFICIAL: Junaidi (second right) and Adenan (left) carving out the meat before the beef distribution ceremony while Datin Feona (right) and Azmi (second left background) witness.

SACRIFICIAL: Junaidi (second right) and Adenan (left) carving out the meat before the beef distribution ceremony while Datin Feona (right) and Azmi (second left background) witness.

Santubong MP Datuk Wan Junaidi Tuanku Jaafar pointed this out yesterday, saying that the mechanism to implement and distribute aid to needy fishermen needed improving and updating.

“Where and what are the weaknesses I have yet to figure them out. The issue here is, according to the government, only licensed or permitted fishermen are qualified to receive the government aid,” said Junaidi who is also Deputy Parliament Speaker.

“The thing is, there are many needy and poor fishermen who do not have licence or permit. Because of that they are ineligible to receive any assistance or aid,” he said at the Hari Raya Korban event at Masjid Noorul Islam here yesterday.

He pointed out that it was not the government’s intention to leave them out.

“The government will always provide for the needy. The only issue here is the name list needs to be updated,” he explained.

He urged the relevant authorities, especially the Area Fishermen Association (AFA) of Tanjung Datu, Pantai Damai and Demak Laut, to update the name list of all fishermen in their respective jurisdiction so that none would be left out.

“To realise our premier’s concept of 1Malaysia – People first, Performance now, I hope the district officers (DO) and residents will stress this to the AFAs of these areas. Otherwise, many deserving people would be left out,” he said.

Another ‘controversial’ issue Junaidi pointed out related to the issuance of ‘Subsidi Beras Untuk Rakyat’ (Subur) programme, which hopes to give out rice subsidy vouchers to the poor based on the e-kasih list.

He said many people realised that the mechanism for this programme had not been updated and still needed a lot of improvement.

“The government’s policy is to assist the needy, no doubt, the intention is good. But something needs to be done to update and improve the mechanism to implement this,” he said.

Junaidi stressed that the e-kasih list was still far from being fully updated and that many deserving people were not on the list.

“This is not only happening in the state, but also the whole country,” he said.

Junaidi, however, assured that the government would do its best to address the issue.

“Again I urge the DOs, residents, the state administrative officers, penghulus, and all community leaders to cooperate with each other in updating the list and making sure that nobody is left out.

“The e-Kasih will be the basis for the government to provide whatever assistance to the needy,” he said.

Also present during the sacrificial beef distribution were Tanjung Datu assemblyman Datuk Amar Adenan Satem and Lundu DO Azmi Bujang. About 400 people from villages in Sematan and Lundu received 1kg of beef each.

Apart from the sacrificial beef distribution, the Parliament Service Centre also allocated RM104,500 which was distributed among 35 agencies in Tanjung Datu zone of the Santubong Parliamentary seat.

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