Serian Rela’s heavy responsibility

Unit entrusted with role to curb influx of illegal immigrants into state

SERIAN: People’s Vigilante Corps (Rela) Serian was last night described as an important part of the government machinery to curb the influx of illegal immigrants into the state.

CLOSER RAPPORT: Riot (centre) and Jipep (right) at the Rela Serian gathering.

CLOSER RAPPORT: Riot (centre) and Jipep (right) at the Rela Serian gathering.

Serian MP Datuk Richard Riot Jaem, who is ranked colonel in the state Rela organisation, said Serian is one Malaysia’s gateways for Indonesians and therefore its Rela unit had been entrusted to carry ‘the big responsibility’ of keeping illegal immigrants at bay.

“Serian is a major gateway into Malaysia for Indonesians, it should, therefore, be acknowledged that Serian Rela is being entrusted the big responsibility of ensuring that foreigners do not go in and out of the state at leisure,”  said Riot when officiating at Rela’s ‘Majlis Malam Silaturahim’ at the Serian Basketball Court on Saturday night.

“In fact, Serian Rela has become the largest unit in Sarawak because of the illegal immigrant issue,” he said, adding that to be effective the unit had to forge greater cooperation with State Immigration Department.

According to him, todate Serian Rela has the most number of members in Sarawak at 6,310. Out of this figure, 5,431 are men while 879, women.

He called on the Rela members to continue to exercise care when discharging their duties, especially when dealing with illegal immigrants.

“It is my hope that you will not use force in dealing with illegal immigrants. You must also try not to create issues with them. The problem involving illegal immigrants is an international one, therefore, we must exercise care and wisdom when dealing with them,” Riot said.

Riot also urged members to come up with more activities in order to make their presence felt, apart from those aimed at fostering closer relationship.

‘Majlis Malam Silaturahim’ is Serian Rela’s annual activity.

Saturday night saw two award presentations – ‘Anugerah Jasamu Dikenang’ and ‘Anugerah Jasamu Disanjung’ to remember the sacrifices and achievements of Rela members.

‘Anugerah Jasamu Disanjung’ was conferred on former deputy chairmen of State Rela namely Richard Nary and Sanat Taib.

‘Anugerah Jasamu Dikenang’ was conferred on the late Captain (Rela) Lahat Linda and the late Robin Gugot of Serian Rela Unit.

Also present at the function were Serian Rela officers Captain Jipep Deais and Captain Awang Reduan Awang Idi.

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