Squawking chickens give thief away

KUCHING: A man was handed over to police after he was caught trying to escape with sacks of live chickens from a farm on Saturday night.The incident happened around 9.30pm when the proprietor of the farm at Sungai Moyan in Batu Kawah, which  rears hens for eggs, heard noises coming from the chicken coops just as he was preparing to leave the premises to go home.

According to him, he went to investigate and realised that thieves had struck when he found several empty  cages that had been forcibly opened.

He immediately called several of  his workers,  who fanned out and searched the area surrounding the farm.

The group stumbled upon a man, carrying two gunny sacks, trying to escape into a nearby secondary jungle.

After apprehending him, the group  checked  the  sacks  and, on finding several hens inside, contacted the police.

According to the owner, this was the second time since September that he and his workers had caught people stealing chickens from his farm.

He believed the suspect’s accomplices had fled the scene.

The suspect, a local in his 20s, was detained for investigation.

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