Ten people helping police probe in million-ringgit cheque fraud

KUALA LUMPUR: Ten people are facilitating police investigations into a syndicate linked to a million-ringgit cheque fraud involving 506 cases.The cases were committed in Perak, Klang Valley and Johor since last year.

The police sought their assistance in connection with the arrest of 11 suspects, including the syndicate leader, who are under police custody.

The suspects, aged between 20 and 60, were nabbed in the Klang Valley on Nov 23 and 24.

Commercial Crime Investigation Department deputy director Datuk Nooryah Md Anvar said yesterday, initial investigations revealed that the modus operandi of the syndicate members was to pry open letter-boxes at homes and business premises and escape with envelopes containing cheques.

She said they would then soak the cheques in a small aquarium filled with thinner to delete signatures, recipient’s names and amount written on the cheque.

The blank cheques are then dried before being filled out with other names and amounts before they are cashed.

Nooryah said the syndicate would use students, unemployed individuals, retirees and senior citizens as ‘middlemen’, and utilise their bank accounts to cash the cheques. — Bernama

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