Prove my native cert is fake – Jimmy

KOTA KINABALU:  Sri Tanjung assemblyman Jimmy Wong yesterday challenged the Local Government and Housing ministry to prove his native certificate is fake.

WONG showing his Native Certificate to the media, yesterday.

“In the just concluded State Assembly sitting, the House was told that I do not qualify to a native certificate. In view of this, I have no other choice but to challenge this declaration in the Native and Civil courts,” said Wong yesterday.

Speaking in a press conference here, he expressed the hope that his case will meet with favourable result so that all those possessing native certificates will be able to find peace of minds.

“My team of lawyers will make the necessary filing in the courts soon,” he said.

Wong, who represents the opposition Democratic Action Party in the State assembly has always been the target of being belitted by Barisan Nasional representatives.

“The Sekong Assemblyman Datuk Samsudin Yahya had in one State Assembly sitting accused me of possessing a fake Native Certificate. I have followed the right and proper procedure by presenting myself before the Kota Kinabalu District Chief William Mojimbun at the Native Court in Sembulan to apply for verification of my certificate.”

“I was informed by Mojimbun that the verification would take some time as he has to seek the advice from the State Native Affairs Office director as the case is considered high profile,” he said.

Wong said in March, he was summoned to attend a hearing at the State Native Affairs Office concerning his certificate.

“I received a letter of Apr 14 this year from the State Native Affairs Office director, Datuk Ag Sharin Alimin with the title “Sijil Anak Negeri (Asal) – Yang Berhormat Encik Wong Sze Phin @ Jimmy and my Sijil Anak Negeri was also enclosed.”

“When I met the Local Government and Housing Minister Datuk Hajiji Mohd Noor in the State Assembly during the tabling of the 2011 State Budget, he “advised” me not to be too vocal against the government during the sitting. When he spoke he was smiling and appeared to be joking.”

“This letter from his Ministry declaring my native certificate as null and void soon after the assembly sitting cannot be a coincidence. It looks like the UMNO and BN government is bent to snuffle all the opposition voices in Sabah by hook or by crook. I am not going to allow the government to intimidate me,” he said.

By declaring his certificate as null and void, he said, the government: “Has opened up a can of worms. I know there are many other cases similar to mine. I can see how the government will “blackmail” all these persons to succumb to their whims and fancies. I sympathise with all these people who have done no wrong and their conscience are crystal clear.”

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