Trading success is internally driven

WHILE trading seems to be actions dealing with external market forces, it is very much an inner game that you play with the forces within you. We create our life experiences through our beliefs. Once you understand this tenet, you can empower and recreate yourself through your beliefs to be a successful trader.

At every moment in life, we need to make choices of going head or to stay put, to do a thing or not to proceed. This happens almost everyday in our family, work and social circles. In the movie ‘Matrix’ showed years ago, the lead cast was offered to take the blue pill or the red pill. Take the blue pill and everything would remain the same; take the metaphoric red pill and you will undergo a hard check on your beliefs.

In our true lives, people refuse to change drastically. The fact is making small change each time may not see desired results in what you targeted initially.

Remain unchanged and you do not need to go through the anguish of changing, even if the current situation is bad and non-productive.

Make a change and the revolution will cause you much fatigue though you know it will take a while to triumph over this ordeal. In other words, you have to pay a price to become a winner.

By doing so, you will realise that your world and your performance are very much shaped by your beliefs and value system. Certainly, some values and beliefs are laced with emotions, making them difficult to be released or changed.

Nonetheless, we must succumb to changes in better performance that lead to our trading results and personal activities.

Changing negative beliefs involves complex system from neuro-linguistic mapping, daily habits, knowledge enhancement, persona and charisma. Herewith, we provide the vital preliminary steps as a start.

Firstly, start by acknowledging the negativities within you, no matter how much you do not want to recognise them. If you are not aware of your weakness, you can never break free from it. Evaluate on your inner self on both strength and weakness. Write down what were your reactions internally and externally when you hit onto negativities in the past.

Naturally, this would give you a negative belief statement.

Secondly, fully be aware of all such negativities when they arise and start to observe them by remaining dormant. For instance, whenever you are about to get furious, frustrated, annoyed, greedy, attached or jealous etc, start to dissect them away from your inner self and remind yourself they are not part of you!

Thirdly, create an opposite and optimistic statement to that negative feeling inside you. Whenever a similar circumstance triggers that negativity, cancel it by inducing this preset positive statement.

For example, when you lose a trade and you might just think: “The market picks on me every time. When I buy, it drops!”

Immediately counter this with this: “Losing trade is only feedback for me to further improve my trade setup.”

Then you will realise the basic ingredients of a successful mind programming system to advance yourself in your trading performance as well as in life is the positive mindset and the method of doing things in right way. In trading, the risk: reward ratio is the most important elements to reinforce your outcomes and ensure long-termed survival.

Nevertheless, if you find this to be tedious, then the negative voice inside you will begin to haunt you continually for reversing to blue pill. This is what makes a person to be successful and failure in the journey of perseverance.

The only thing that can stop changes in this world is ‘changes itself’. In our training, we induce major transformation in your trading, thoughts and lifestyle. Do not give up until you get it right.

Morpheus: “You take the blue pill, the story ends, you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill, you stay in Wonderland, and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes.”

Simon Chan is a professional coach and trains retail traders in financial market. The expressions are solely his own. He can be reached at

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