Sunday, September 25

My duty to protect lives, property of M’sians— Najib


Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak

KUALA LUMPUR: It is the duty of the government to protect the interests and property of the larger community, said Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak in his blog, yesterday.

He noted that the recent illegal rally held in the federal capital had shown that the people rejected any action which could jeopardise national security.

“Recent events that unfolded in Kuala Lumpur put us through an important test.

“Our decision as government was to protect the interests and property of the larger community that depend on Kuala Lumpur for their livelihood,” he said.

By permitting one group to demonstrate, Najib said, it would give others the chance to use the same mechanisme for whatever cause celebre or controversial issue that attract a lot of public attention.

“Regardless of promises of a peaceful demonstration, it takes only a small overzealous group harbouring a crazy notion to attack innocent bystanders or vandalise property for things to turn for the worse.

“What then? Is it worthwhile for us to take the risk? Hence, as prime minister, it becomes my duty to protect the immediate interests of the larger community over the interests of a group of dissenters,” he said.

Najib said Malaysia recently was ranked 19th most peaceful country in the world, and ranked first in South East Asia.

“For decades we have built our multi-cultural, multi-ethnic nation upon a foundation of mutual tolerance and respect for each other,” he added.

He said his personal experience on the May 13th, 1969 incident had shaped his understanding on leadership when he saw his late father Tun Abdul Razak, then prime pinister, managing the crisis.

“As director of Majlis Gerakan Negara (Mageran), he had the power of the cabinet and parliament in his hands.

“My father was afraid of absolute power and could not wait for the day he could surrender them back to the people, through parliament and restore parliamentary democracy,” he added.

As Malaysia was undergoing massive transformations, Najib urged the rakyat not succumb to calls for action that would serve only to fracture the nation.

“Let us not give in to the desires of those seeking retribution that will only cause the decades of goodwill, the hardwork and toil of so many to dissipate.

“Let us together make Malaysia a harmonious nation,” he added. — Bernama