Friday, August 19

Fireworks mishap may leave teen blind in one eye


KUCHING: A teenager from Kampung Tabuan Melayu is facing the possibility of losing sight in his right eye following a fireworks mishap on the eve of Hari Raya Puasa.

The 18-year-old youth was letting off firecrackers and fireworks at his village with several friends when the incident happened shortly before midnight.

According to a source, the victim had gone to check on a three-inch long firework, which had failed to explode, when it suddenly went off in his face.

He was immediately rushed to the Sarawak General Hospital and warded for treatment.

In another incident, a man was warded yesterday morning following an explosion in his kitchen caused by a disconnected gas cylinder hose.

The father of the 33-year-old victim, who lives next door to his son near Kampung Stampin, said he was watching television when he heard a loud explosion coming from next door and rushed over to check.

He found his son semi-conscious and groaning in pain on the floor next to the disconnected gas cylinder hose.

Part of the kitchen ceiling, he added, was also damaged by the explosion although there was no fire.

The victim was admitted to the Sarawak General Hospital and is reported to be in stable condition.