Tuesday, August 9

Feeding pigeons fun activity for Rejang Park folk


FEEDING THE BIRDS: A shop operator feeding the pigeons outside her store.

SIBU: Feeding pigeons has become one of the most fun activities for Rejang Park folk for the past many years.

Almost every morning at about 8am, shop owners, food operators and nearby residents would step out of their premises to feed the birds with corn.

A shop operator told The Borneo Post recently that watching people feeding pigeon was actually fun and nice.

“These birds somehow know when the feeding time is. They are normally in the morning at 8am and late evening at 6pm,” she said.

According to her, because no one owns the birds, some residents would bring the pigeons home as pets, then release them again after a while.

Normally, free birds would avoid having close contact with humans; she said these pigeons were not afraid of humans.

“They even come near us. I guess that they got used to the environment already,” she said.

The pigeons could be seen holding their ground when anyone pass by.

She said Rejang Park has the most visitors on Saturday mornings, with parents bringing children to feed the birds.

“In the weekends, especially in the mornings, you can see many parents bringing their children here for this fun activity. Children love it very much,” she enthused.