Tuesday, August 16

Former servicemen lodge report against Mat Sabu’s hurtful comments


PROTEST MADE: Mohd Karie (standing sixth left) holds the police report as the ex-servicemen and ex-policemen stage a brief protest in front of the Sarikei police station. Abang Mohd is seen standing fourth from right.

SARIKEI: Infuriated by the controversial statement made by PAS leader Mohammad Sabu on the communist terrorists attack on Bukit Kepong police station, a group of ex-servicemen and ex-policemen lodged a report at the police station here yesterday afternoon.

Chairman of Malaysian Ex-Army Association, Sarikei Branch, Mohd. Karie Ali who led the group said that they were prompted to lodge the report against the outspoken PAS leader, popularly known as Mat Sabu as his statement was a blatant twist of historical facts that belittled the sacrifices of the security forces who defended and fought for the country’s independence.

“We are extremely hurt by Sabu’s statement and hope the authorities concern would take appropriate action against him,” Karie stressed when met by reporters.

In his statement published in the national papers on Aug 27, Sabu hailed the communist terrorists who mounted the bloody attack on Bukit Kepong police Station as the real independence heroes.

After they lodged the report, the ex-servicemen and ex-policemen staged a brief protest in front of the police station.

Posters held up during the protest among others labelled Mat Sabu as `communist’s hero’ condemning the PAS as party which was seen as having strayed from its original objectives to please its partners in Pakatan Rakyat, especially DAP.

Sarikei District Officer, Abang Mohd Porkan Abang Budiman who was among the group, said that his presence was to give the ex-servicemen his moral support and advice.