Friday, August 12

‘Melanggar’ to be re-introduced in Nangka to encourage ‘bersalam’


LUCKY WINNER: Dr Annuar (right) congratulates a lucky draw winner while Drahman (centre) looks on.

SIBU: Nangka assemblyman Dr Annuar Rapaee will roll out the first ever ‘Melanggar’ programme in effort to revive the waning tradition of door-to-door festive visiting in the Muslim community here.

Acknowledging that the tradition is in the decline, Dr Annuar said he has decided to launch the programme at five locations in the constituency on Sept 17 to rejuvenate the spirit of ‘bersalam’.

He added that the programme, to be jointly organised by his service centre and neighbourhood watch committee (KRT), would begin from morning and end in the evening.

“You see, it was a common sight during the 70s and 80s where people went from house to house to greet and wish each other well during Hari Raya. They would enter the house irrespective if they knew the owner or not.

“But sadly, you don’t see much of this these days. Perhaps people are bogged down by too many commitments and youngsters may be lured by the excitement of various forms of entertainment.

“Hence, they are spending less time on visiting, which is an important recipe for fostering closer rapport,” he told The Borneo Post after the ‘Majlis Riang Ria Aidil Fitri Bersama Anak-Anak Yatim’ at a leading hotel here.
The function was organised by the Nangka, Bandung, and Abang Barieng (NBAB) KRT.

To rejuvenate the tradition of door-to-door visiting in the community, he disclosed that they would start from Kampung Jeriah, moving down to Kampung Bahagia Jaya, Teku before crossing over to Bandung/Abang Barieng.

The programme would later move to Kampung Hilir, and end at Kampung Datu.

“We wish to revive the spirit of ‘bersalam’ and the asking for forgiveness during this special occasion,” he said, adding that this would help further cement the bonding among the various races.

Dr Annuar said they would also extend an invitation to the SUPP youth to join them in this community-based programme.

Earlier in his speech, he said the tradition of open house could only be found in Malaysia.
He said such tradition had strengthened the unity among the various races as the festive celebration was celebrated by all, making it merrier.

NBAB KRT deputy chairman Drahman Julaihi also spoke at the function.

The night was spiced up by a gamut of stage performances and lucky draws.