Friday, August 12

Dr Toyad: No problem for PBB to retain Mukah


FOR THE ALBUM: Toyad (ninth right, standing at back row) with the association’s committee members and recipients of assistance. Maiyor is standing at third right and Jaini is on Toyad’s left.

MIRI: Incumbent Dato Sri Dr Muhammad Leo Michael Toyad is confident that PBB will retain Mukah in the coming parliamentary election.

“We can win … we are confident of victory because we always work and deliver,” he assured when asked by reporters on the party’s chance of winning the constituency.

On the party’s preparation for the election, the member of parliament for Mukah said they had always been working with all members by holding meetings and discussions to update
them on their roles and duties.

“In other words, we are always on the move and on the alert as well for any latest announcement and directives from our party leaders,” Dr Toyad said.

On a related matter, he was glad to note that so far they did not face any problem or disturbance from irresponsible quarters in the area.

He pledged, if given another term to serve, to do his utmost best to bring development to Mukah to make it a more advanced and progressive place.

“I still can serve, no worry about it and no problem,” was his simple answer when asked about his ability to serve as ‘wakil rakyat’ there.

The MP, who is also Sarawak Federal Melanau Association president, was met at the Hari Raya gathering at Wisma Melanau Miri here on Saturday night.

Guests from various races and religions were treated to a buffet dinner and entertained with
‘poco-poco’ performance, choir presentation of Hari Raya songs and ‘bermukun’.