Friday, September 29

Local chicken safe to eat — Veterinary


SIBU: The people are assured that chicken are still safe for consumption following claims that chicks have been affected by Gumboro disease.

A source from the local veterinary office explained that both Gumboro and Newcastle Disease (ND) were not zoonotic diseases.

“This means that they (disease) attack chicken specifically and cannot be transmitted to humans,” he said in allaying fears among the people here, adding that chicken infected by Gumboro had red dots on the body.

“The meat is still safe for consumption but people usually shy away from eating it because it looks unsightly,” he said.

A member of the public, known only as Ling, admitted that he had stopped eating chicken, and had taken other sources of protein instead for fear of contracting the disease.

The source (from the veterinary office) said that vaccination was crucial for commercial breeders in view of the high chances of their birds being infected with Gumboro.

Gumboro disease is very contagious. The mortality rate is 60 to 80 per cent. The disease reduces the chicken’s immune system making them vulnerable to secondary infections such as ND.

A local veterinarian, Dr Koh Ung Leong, said that consultation was crucial in order to monitor the disease status and vaccine programme.

He, however, said the people should not be alarmed about the situation.

“Local chicken is safe
for consumption. Besides, both Gumboro and ND cannot be transmitted to humans.”