Monday, October 2

A people friendly budget, says PBB Youth economic chie


fKUCHING: PBB Youth Economic Bureau chief Pandi Suhaili sang praises of the newly announced budget as being a people
friendly budget that aims to improve the welfare of the rakyat.

He pointed out that the government’s decision to allocate a sum of RM33.2 billion as subsidies and incentives shows that the government always cares for the rakyat.

“Many will be glad to hear about this because without government’s subsidies, some items are going to be really expensive for the rakyat,” he said when contacted yesterday.

He added the decision also brushed aside the fear among the rakyat that the government will do away with subsidies as a way to reduce the government’s spending.

Pandi, who is also the PBB vice youth chief, welcomed the move to increase the salaries of government’s employees from RM80 to RM320 in accordance to their grade.

“I totally agree with this because all government employees deserve to get this as they have been committed in carrying out their duties.

“Although there are some weaknesses in the government’s departments or agencies which has caused some unhappiness among the rakyat, by and large the performance of these departments and agencies are satisfactory,” he said.

Touching on the increase of the compulsory retirement age from 58 to 60, he said the move will surely benefit the rakyat as well as the government.

“The government has been investing a lot of money on the human resources and it is logical for the government to prolong their stay because they can still contribute in helping the government to function efficiently and effectively,” he said.