Friday, September 29

Malaysian views over 115 million web pages monthly on mobile devices


(Source: Effective Measures)

KUCHING: Over 115 million web pages are viewed on mobile devices in September 2011 in Malaysia, amounting to a six per cent increase in mobile page views since January.

According to Effective Measures, provider of digital media planning solutions in emerging markets, the increasing number of web pages being viewed on mobile points to a growing, tech-savvy Malaysian audience.

“With over 30 per cent of Malaysians polled saying they access the Internet from their mobile phones, we expect to see a steady increase in page views from mobile in line with the introduction of better broadband connectivity and low price point smartphones,” said its Southeast Asia regional director Russell Conrad in a press statement yesterday.

Number of page views from mobile in other Southeast Asian countries for the month of September were as such: Indonesia (85 million), the Philippines (25 million), Singapore (26 million), Thailand (69 million) and Vietnam (22 million).

“The Internet knows no boundaries. Advertisers and online publishers should explore the opportunities in producing mobile-friendly content, if they have not done so already,” said Conrad.