Author shares e-business secrets with Popular crowd


KUCHING: In conjunction with the grand opening of their expanded Tun Jugah branch, Popular Book Co Sdn Bhd (Popular) invited famous authors from all across the region to hold talks and meet their readers in the bookstore’s special weekend event which started yesterday and will continue next weekend.

SOCIAL LEVERAGE: Photo shows Dechen Lau interacting with the crowd during the event. Lau’s new book provides a guide for readers to harness the power of social media marketing in any business.

E-business dominated the stage on the business and finance front as Dechen Lau took the stage. The author of ’30-Day to Internet Success’ had been known for his guides for internet marketing professionals and business owners teaching strategies on how internet marketers can apply search engine optimisation, creative design, generational marketing, increase customer retention and lead generation.

This time, Lau came back with another book entitled ‘The Relationship Age’ which provides a guide for readers to harness the power of social media marketing in any business. During his speech, he talked about strategies that had been proven effective to create profitable relationship in the social media world.

“There are 800 million active Facebook users and Twitter has a similar number of users. Such social media provides an abundance of cost-efficient opportunities that we can tap into, ” Lau said during his meeting with readers. Besides writing, Lau is also a trainer, new media strategist and an E-commerce consultant as well as a practitioner.

The author went on to explain that social media marketing is a long term strategy which could be effectively used as a tool for brand-building. He also shared his personal experience on how he had used the social media platform to deliver the success of his books.

Investment guru Andrew Chia took the stage next. An experienced chartered strategist, he had been actively involved in business consultancy and had pursued studies in various fields of investment. He is current an active investor and spreads financial education after recognising the lack of financial education in the local education syllabus.

The strategist brought his book ‘Money Secrets’ and ‘Money Lessons’ to Popular Tun Jugah where he shared his wide range of experience to readers intending to be successful with investment activities. His book detailed strategies on how to be investment-savvy and gain financial freedom.

“‘Save and invest’ is the formula for wealth and financial freedom,” Chia informed the crowd at his talk, making a reference to a common theme in his best-selling books he deemed useful for novice investors and newcomers to the field.

With the correct application of the formula, he believed that people were able to make money without slaving themselves over their jobs for decades as many are doing. Chia shared his secrets with the attendees as he adapted his strategies into situations to allow participants to better understand his talk.

Both business-savvy authors Chia and Lau are currently in the Kuching leg of the Popular roadshow which will bring them to their next stop at Johor Bahru and subsequently Penang.