Heroes Memorial Monument latest tourist destination


LIMBANG: Heroes Memorial Monument located in front of Limbang Police Station is listed as a new tourist destination under the Ministry of Tourism to promote the acts of the warriors, who died in 1962, in conjunction with the town’s 49th anniversary.

Limbang Resident Maria Hasman said the monument had to be promoted because it has its own history as a tribute to the warriors who were killed fighting against British colonialism.

According to him, the Resident’s Office will list the tasks to the Information Department for the purpose of promoting, upgrading and beautifying the monument from time to time.

“The Heroes Memorial Monument has been listed as a tourist attraction in Limbang. Therefore, various efforts will be made to upgrade and beautify the monument to attract both domestic and international visitors,” he said, yesterday.

Also present were District Police Chief Mohd Bukhori Saffai and Limbang Chinese Chamber chairman Lim Chwee Ching.

Maria added that the event commemorating the national heroes immortalised through the monument is held on Dec 12, annually.

He said a total of four Sarawak policemen and 42 British Royal Marine Commandos were killed in an insurrection that occurred in 1962.

The four policemen who were killed were Kim Huat, Bujang Mohamed, Insoll Chundang and Wan Jamaluddin Tuanku Alen.