Saturday, January 23

Kazakhstan’s world expedition arrives in Malaysia


KUALA LUMPUR: Kazakhstan’s yacht ‘Shokan Valikhanov’, which is making the first marine expedition around the world named ‘Terra Vita’, plans to arrive in Malaysia on February 12, 2012.

The crew has overcome the tens of thousands of miles across the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans and was currently waiting to face the Indian Ocean in front of it.

The organiser of the marine expedition is the Central Asian Geographic Society, with support from the Kazakhstan Association Kazenergy and oil company ‘MangistauMunaiGas’.

The motto of the expedition was ‘We are opening the world, the world is revealed to us!’ and its mission was to promote, increase and diffuse geographic knowledge about Kazakhstan to Central Asia.

On the way, the yacht had to repeatedly adjust its route to avoid storm surges and hurricane winds.

The organisers had provided all possible force majeure situations and equipped the yacht with the most modern navigation equipment.

During the preparation stages the crew had worked out a plan of action for each case of force majeure, which allowed the team to work smoothly, avoiding panic and confusion.

These measures have not been in vain or superfluous, since the crew was faced with several challenges that included loss of communication getting the latest information on weather and location. The situation was resolved through the use of backup equipment, which was on board.

According to the statement, after Kuala Lumpur the yacht would sail to Langkawi and then to Thailand, Sri-Lanka, India and United Arab Emirates.