Nangka assemblyman proposes ‘Bandong Walk’ as tourist attraction

SIBU: The ‘Bandong Walk’ has been proposed to group roadside hawkers in Bandong area, transforming the place into a centre of business activity and a tourist attraction for Nangka.

According to Nangka assemblyman Dr Annuar Rapaee, the proposed night walk concept, similar to a ‘Pasar Malam’, would help resolve the perennial issue of hawkers plying their trade illegally along the roadside.

Saying that this would be among the resolutions that they would table at the Nangka Bumiputera Economic Convention (NBEC) here yesterday, Dr Annuar said they were asking the government to upgrade the Bumiputera business there, making Bandong Walk a reality.

“The proposed walk is similar to a ‘Pasar Malam’ where small time traders can ply their trade legally and in a more conducive manner. There, they can sell a myriad of local delicacies or even handicrafts among others.

“Presently, they are scattered around and trading along the roadside, which is not proper and legal,” he told reporters after his welcoming address at NBEC at a leading hotel here.

He added: “We really want to make it a different Bandong.”

Dr Annuar, who is the chairman of NBEC organising committee, disclosed that they also wanted niche products popular in Nangka areas to be marketed in the walk.

“By that, niche products such as ‘pulut panggang’ can be found in Bandong Walk. This will create a perception among food lovers that they would think first of Bandong Walk whenever they crave for ‘pulut panggang’ or other popular delicacies.”

Dr Annuar expressed optimism that Bandong Walk would help entice food lovers from other places to taste the delicacies there, thus, boosting its tourism activities.

Meanwhile, Nangka Welfare Committee head Abang Morni Abang Zainuddin would table the resolution on ‘Bandong Walk’.

To this, Dr Annuar added: “All the resolutions today (yesterday) would be followed by a working paper to the relevant authority in one or two weeks’ time.”

Other resolutions, included proposal to set up a small medium industries (SMI) park and a halal abattoir in Sibu.

Some 300 entrepreneurs participated in the first ever Bumiputera convention here.

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