Tuesday, November 24

Juice Beauty’s to boost organic skin care further with Stem Cellular Repair line


KUCHING: Organic solutions company Juice Beauty is introducing three new products in its Stem Cellular Repair line to the public, incorporating technology and science in delivering the new products.

“The three products, namely Stem Cellular Repair Moisturiser, Stem Cellular Repair Eye Treatment and Stem Cellular Repair Booster Serum work at the cellular level to repair damage and increase cellular proliferation,” explained Juice Beauty retail outlet manager, Shirley Ann Tan.

The products were noted to have used the brand’s own proprietary blend of organic fruit stem cells injected into its clinically validated antioxidant rich organic juice base to help decrease DNA damage and accelerate cellular proliferation.

Tan stated that Juice Beauty products were antioxidant-rich and made from 100 per cent organic juices. The formulations were protected from environmental contamination with high tech airtight pump jars.

The manager added, “The reason we are so intent in creating organic products is that we want people to avoid using harmful chemicals in their skin care range for health purposes. People with eczema, skin problems and allergies could feel free to try out our organic products.”

Juice Beauty’s boasts its patent-pending juice base which does not have any drying effect on the skin or suffocate the skin as alcohol- or petroleum-based products do.

“Using an organic juice base provides the benefit of having every drop of the product feed your skin,” she highlighted.

The new products are currently available at Juice Beauty’s outlet at tHe Spring Mall.