Sunday, September 26

More dead fishes found floating


KOTA KINABALU: More fishes had been found dead at the man-made lake at the Likas Sports Complex jogging track here yesterday, bringing the number of dead fishes to around 10,000.

On Monday, workers had scooped up around 5,000 fishes which had mysteriously died in the lake. The condition had worsened when workers found the lake littered with dead fishes early morning yesterday.

Gosibi @ Robert bin Gambang, 48, an employee of Sabah Sports Board, said 15 workers had scooped up around 1,000 kilogrammes of dead fishes yesterday. The workers were shocked when they found more dead fishes floating in the lake with their bellies upturned during their patrol at the lake around 7.15am yesterday.

Twenty big fish were scooped up yesterday, Gosibi said, with the largest weighing in 16 kilogrammes and 2.5 feet lengthwise.

The employees reported the incident to the management of Sabah Sports Board and resumed scooping up the dead fishes from the lake till afternoon.

“Most of the dead fishes are emitting foul smell, joggers have to cover their noses while running.”

Meanwhile, Ronnie Jimulis from the Research Department at Fisheries Department, 43, said the team returned to the lake to investigate the cause of death of the fishes. He said the department was informed by the Sabah Sports Board that the incident had worsen with more fishes showing up dead at the surface of the lake.

Ronnie added that the team would probably return to the lake today to monitor the situation.

He also said the water sample taken from the lake on Monday had been sent to the Chemistry Department to determine the cause of death of the fishes.

On the other hand, the Department of Environment also sent personnel to Likas Sports Complex to determine if the death of the fishes was caused by environmental pollution.