How to apply for EPF withdrawal when you are incapacitated

THE primary objective of the Employees Provident Fund (EPF) is to provide basic financial security for members’ retirement. However, as a caring and member-oriented organisation, the EPF has introduced the ‘Incapacitation Withdrawal’ to allow you to withdraw all of your EPF savings should you be confronted with physical or mental disability that deprives you of the ability to continue working. Your EPF savings would surely be welcomed even if only to alleviate your financial burden given such a predicament.


Who is eligible to apply for Incapacitation Withdrawal?

You can apply for this withdrawal if you have been confirmed physically or mentally incapacitated by a medical practitioner and are no longer able to work for a living. The EPF will obtain confirmation on the level of your incapacitation from the specialist doctor who treated you at the government or private hospital and your application will be processed subject to the doctor’s confirmation.

However, if you submit a medical report issued by a general medical practitioner or confirmation from Socso on your Invalidity Pension Scheme, you will be referred to two doctors from EPF panel clinics to confirm on your level of incapacitation. You will be referred to a third doctor for examination in the event that one of the doctors does not support your application.


Do I need to provide verification of my health condition when applying for this withdrawal?

Yes, you do. To provide verification on your state of health, you need to support your application with a medical report dated not more than one year from the date the EPF receives your application. The report must contain details on the illness or accident that caused the incapacitation or disability as well as information on your present state of health.


Can I apply for this withdrawal if I can continue working despite the incapacitation?

No, you can’t – you can only apply for this withdrawal if you are no longer in employment. This could be a result of your own resignation or termination by your employer due to your incapacitation.


Do I need to be interviewed upon submission of the application?

Yes. As part of the Incapacitation Withdrawal, you will be interviewed by an EPF official upon submission of your application. If you are unable to attend due to the nature of your disability, an arrangement can be made for you to be interviewed at home or at the hospital.

The interviewing officer will then evaluate the case and make a recommendation which will have a bearing on the outcome of your application.

How much of my EPF savings can be withdrawn under this withdrawal?

The entire amount of your EPF savings can be withdrawn under the Incapacitation Withdrawal.


So how do I apply for this withdrawal?

You must first complete the KWSP 9L (AHL) Form and produce supporting documents, namely your MyKad and your personal savings account passbook or original copy of current account statement, at any EPF branches.

To support your application, you also need to submit the original medical report from either government or private hospital or clinic. Additional accepted documents as proof of incapacitation include your Medical Board Report indicating your health condition or Invalidity Pension Report from Socso. It is important to note that all supporting documents must not be dated more than one year from the date the application is received by the EPF.


As an incapacitated member, am I entitled to any Incapacitation Benefit from the EPF?

Yes. As an incapacitated member, you will receive an additional Incapacitation Benefit amounting to RM5,000 from the EPF as a gesture of compassion to ease your financial burden. This benefit is only applicable if you are below the age of 55 and have applied for the Incapacitation Withdrawal within 12 months after your resignation or termination of service due to your incapacitation.


EPF Public Relations Department contributed to the above article.

For further enquiries regarding the Incapacitation Withdrawal, please contact our Call Centre at 03-8922 6000 or log on to

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