Tuesday, October 19

Hungry thieves have time to cook instant noodles


SIBU: Hungry thieves broke into a house at Permai Garden here, cooking instant noodles and having their fill before leaving the house with their loot.

The house owner – a woman tuition school teacher – believed two thieves might be involved in the crime because she said the thieves left two plates unwashed in the kitchen sink.

The teacher in her 30s had left her house at 8pm on Thursday.

She returned two hours later to find her house in a mess.

The thieves had broken in from a back door and ransacked her house.

A 42-inch LCD television set, five watches, a few necklaces, RM5,000 in cash and three bottles of perfume costing RM1,500 had been stolen.

The teacher lodged a report shortly after discovering the theft.

She said she had lost properties and cash amounting to over RM30,000.