Mukah all set for Pesta Kaul


READY MODE: A village elder (standing second left) from Kampung Jebungan Mukah holds a ‘serahang’ during a photo call with village chief KK Kudum Dillah (standing third left), JKKK committee member Justin Jagin Gira (standing third right) and others at the entrance of their community booth at the festival.

MUKAH: Mukah is ready to host Pesta Kaul, the biggest and grandest annual Melanau festival after months of preparation.

Centred at the beautiful and scenic Kala Dana beachfront, the festival will not only showcase the Melanaus’ unique cultures and traditions but also the traditions and customs of other local communities as well as promoting business and trade activities.

It will also become a venue to disseminate current information on government programmes and policies aimed at improving the people’s income and well-being as well as to preserve and safeguard a united and harmonious multi-racial society.

The festival this year will kick off with a traditional ritual at Tugek, Kala Dana beach today.

Led by the local Melanau leaders and elders, this traditional ritual will be performed in accordance with the Kaul celebrated by their ancestors in the olden days before they embraced Islam, Christianity and other religions which came later.

The’Kaul Ritual’ is made possible with the completion of ‘serahang’ by expert weavers. This decorative ‘serahang’ is an important component of the ritual as it is used to place all offerings for their gods called ‘Ipuk’, in return for good health and personal safety.

This will be followed by a grand official opening ceremony to be officiated at by Chief Minister Pehin Sri Abdul Taib Mahmud tomorrow morning.

This ceremony which will feature a ‘serahang’ parade by Melanau leaders and elders as well as a cultural and heritage parade showcasing the unique Melanau traditions and cultures.

Other interesting activities to held at the Pantai Kala Dana main venue include Classic Song competition (April 21-22), Mr & Mrs Jed competition (April 21-22), Senam Seni 1Malaysia mass excercise (April 22), Children’s Colouring contest (April 22), Elvis Presley Sarawak impersonators (April 25), Melanau Idol (April 26), Idei Telo Suka-Suka or Mukah Got Talent (April 26), Isiak A Melanau competition (April 26-27), Kite Flying demonstration (April 26-29), Sukan Rakyat telematch (April 27), Teluwaih Jinih beauty contest (April 27), Bermukun (April 28) Kaul Mukah Bike Fest (April 28-29), Mukah International Beach Triathlon (April 29), BMX Youth (April 29) and Helicopter Joyride and exhibition (April 21-22).

The closing ceremony will be held on April 28 also at Pantai Kala Dana. Also available throughout the festival are trade and business exhibitions and interesting community booths.