CM: Turn Pesta Kaul Mukah into a major spectacle


LET THE FESTIVITIES BEGIN: Taib (centre) officiates at the opening of Pesta Kaul Mukah yesterday. Also seen are (from left) Morshidi, Manyin, Fatimah, Dr Leo, Abg Johari and Saudi.

MUKAH: Pehin Sri Abdul Taib Mahmud wants the annual Pesta Kaul Mukah to be organised on a bigger scale in future as it has proved its mettle to promote unity and harmony among the people.

Launching the festival at Pantai Kala Dana beachfront here yesterday, the chief minister noted that Pesta Kaul Mukah had also been able to indirectly transform the social, infrastructure and economic landscape of Mukah town and those in nearby areas.

He told those present that Mukah was no longer an isolated place or losing its people due to migration partly because of it.

“More and more people have come to Mukah to work. Rich investors have also come here to open up banks, factories, oil palm plantations and mills. People also come here to further their studies at secondary schools and institutions of higher learning.

“These are all made possible due to the good road and communication networks as well as the popularity of Pesta Kaul Mukah.”

Taib added that the government wanted such gatherings to be actively promoted as it knows that social health was no less important than infrastructure and economic development in order to create a peaceful, united and dynamic community.