Tuesday, September 27

Road upgrade will reduce Miri—Marudi travelling time


MIRI: The travelling time from Miri to Marudi will be shortened upon the completion of upgrading works by February next year on the 43km Miri-Marudi road by Malaysian Armed Forces.

Project manager Lt Col Khamis Salim yesterday disclosed that the journey would be shortened to around 45 minutes from the more than 2 hours currently

“Currently, the journey could be longer if it is raining as it is just soil road which could turn muddy and slippery. It is also dangerous. The road could also become too dusty during dry season. Both conditions making travelling time longer and dangerous,” Khamis said.

The 18 month project costing RM59.25 million commenced on Sept 15, 2011 and was expected to be completed by Feb 16, 2013. According to Khamis, about 55 per cent of the works had been carried out by the army under ‘Jiwa Murni’ (Pure Soul) project. The project also included the building of six compact 200 modular bridges.

Meanwhile, the army had also been entrusted to construct the road linking Ba’Kelalan to Bario. Currently, they were still in the negotiation stage. The project is expected to commence in July or September this year.