‘Maloya’ a unique genre of music to feature at RWMF



UNIQUE MUSICIAN: Danyel Waro is a musician of a distinctive style of music called ‘maloya’

KUCHING: The Rainforest World Music Festival (RWMF) this year will see a musician, Danyel Waro, perform a unique form of music called ‘maloya’.

‘Maloya’ is a form of music, song and dance native to Réunion Island. ‘Maloya’ was created by Malagasy and African slaves on the sugar plantations and was eventually appropriated by the whole of the island’s population. The music almost died out, only surviving thanks to a few families.

Danyel is the most well-known singer of ‘maloya’ and has received numerous awards for his commitment to promoting and disseminating ‘maloya’ throughout the world.

In Oct 2010, he went to Copenhagen to receive the prestigious 2010 Artist’s Award at Womex, an international world music professional event. He also received another prestigious award, the Charles-Cros Academy Grand Prix Award.

Danyel comes as a four-piece solo ensemble to the RWMF with his mesmerising voice, singing in Creole with traditional ‘maloya’ instruments – the kayamb, (flat instrument made from cane flower stems and filled with saffron seeds), bobre (a musical bow attached to a calabash for resonance) and roule (big drum made from barrels and cowskin head).

Indeed, his songs border on poetry. He speaks of love, death or politics, using a popular, peasant vocabulary that his urban listeners have forgotten. He creates unexpected, beautiful and powerful imagery and, most importantly, feels the convergence between words and music that makes great songs. His music evokes welling emotion, spiritual intensity and ecstatic rhythmic trance.

Take the chance to listen to this almost extinct music. If you have not bought your tickets to the festival, do so now either at our Visitors’ Information Centres (VICs) in Kuching, Miri or Sibu or online at www.rwmf.net.

Tickets are priced at RM110 for one-day pass and RM300 for three-day pass per adult while tickets for children between three to 12 years old are priced at RM55 for one-day pass and RM150 for three-day pass each.

Currently, Enrich members (Malaysia Airlines) will be able to enjoy 30 per cent discount on tickets at all VICs.

The festival will be held from July 13-15 at Sarawak Cultural Village. There will also be a food and village mart at the festival and you will have the chance to bring home something as a keepsake of the good times you will have.