Saturday, February 27

Mandailing controversy worsens as rioters damaged Malaysia Hall in Jakarta


JAKARTA: The Mandailing cultural controversy worsened Friday, as several sections of the Malaysia Hall building here were damaged by large stones hurled by about 50 rioters.

Non-governmental organisation, Pancasila Youths, who earlier torched the Malaysian flag and hurled eggs in the compound of the Malaysian Embassy in Kuningan after Friday prayers, headed for Malaysia Hall in Jalan Hos Cokroaminoto, Menteng and began acting more violently.

At Malaysia Hall, they attacked a security personnel who sustained slight injuries, threw large stones and pieces of wood which shattered the warden’s windows, apart from damaging the main gate and messing up the windows by hurling eggs.

The stones thrown by the rioters also damaged the front roof of Malaysia Hall.

Education Malaysia director Prof Madya Dr Juzhar Jusoh said the incident at Malaysia Hall occured at 1.45pm.

Following the attack, Jakarta’s Malaysia Hall Security personnel Bambang Sukrisno lodged a police report.

In the demonstration in front of the Malaysian Embassy, the Pancasila Youths, joined by other students, protested against Malaysia’s move to recognise the Tor-tor dance and the striking of the Gordaang Sembilan as one of the branches of the national heritage. — BERNAMA