Sunday, September 26

Longhouse set for Gawai Tourism do


UNFORGETTABLE: (From left) Penghulu James Semilan, Sibu Resident Sim Kok Kee, political secretary to the Chief Minister Andrew Shilling and others during a past Gawai Tourism programme.

SIBU: The homestay programme at Bawang Assan Longhouse is all set to roll out the Gawai Tourism 2012 programme tomorrow, giving visitors a dazzling treat of a unique culture and way of life.

Chairman of the homestay programme, Macarthy Gindau, said yesterday this year’s programme would parade a string of exciting cultural activities and competitions to put Bawang Assan on the world map.

To kick start the programme, there will be demonstration on making local delicacies such as ‘sarang  semut/ penyaram’, ‘kain kebat /tenun’, ‘pansuh’ and making of ‘tuak’ at 2pm.

Macarthy said guests and visitors would be treated to ‘Ngelangan’, where they need to wash their feet on the top of a special crafted wood before going through a special tunnel erected using ‘Pua Kumbu’.

He disclosed that Assistant Minister of Land Development and Tourism Datuk Gramong Juna is expected to officiate at the event at the 28-door Rh Michael Ancho.

“The whole intention of the programme is to put Bawang Assan on the world map so that tourists would make it their preferred destination.

“Last year, we had tourists from as far as Australia and Holland to experience the Gawai celebration,” he recalled.

He fondly remembered that tourists were enticed by the local culture and their unique way of life at the longhouse.

“They just love visiting longhouses to experience the culture and taste the mouth-watering local delicacies,” he said.

Meanwhile, Macarthy disclosed there would be ‘miring’ and ‘berbiau’ session.

He added there would also be a ‘ngajat’ competition to entertain the tourists in the evening.

The following day, he added, would start with breakfast at 8am followed by ‘ngabang’ or visiting at 9am.

The event would wrap up with a lunch at noon with participants heading home at 2pm.

Macarthy said they offered exciting package and he can be reached at 014-5828105 or call Alfred Ngelambung (012- 8702938) for more information.