Rain no damper on Kuching Festival


TRADITIONAL DELIGHTS: Homemade Nyonya delicacies. — Photos by Muhammad Rais Sanusi

KUCHING: The light drizzle on Monday evening did not hinder people from all walks of life from visiting the 2012 Kuching Festival which kicked off last Friday.

With more than 190 participants, food lovers were spoilt for choice with the smorgasbord of mouth-watering food available ranging from juicy tender Taiwan sausages to piquant barbecued seafood as well as sweet treats in the likes of homemade Nyonya delicacies and Sabah ‘ice-cream’ potong at the 24-day food festival.

One familiar delicacy that had somewhat become synonymous with the annual food fest was none other than the dragon beard’s candy from Emperor Dragon Whisker Sweet.

DELICIOUS: A popular favourite of the young and old — satay.

Priced at RM3 a box, the handmade traditional delicacy from China consisting of very fine strands of spun sugar resulting in the resemblance of fine whiskers — hence the name — is made by Dennis Lo who has been participating in the fest for more than 10 years.

“We’ve been selling this Chinese sweet treat here at the fest for the past 14 years,” he told The Borneo Post as several passers-by stopped to watch the 22-year-old demonstrate the technique of making the dessert.

Asked how the response has been from the crowd thus far, Lo said it had been good and added that there were more visitors this year.

TRADITIONAL DESSERT MASTER: Lo of Emperor Dragon Whisker Sweet has been participating in the fest for the past 14 years.

Sharing the sentiment was Lydia Chai whose deep fried burgers have been providing burger aficionados with a crunchier take on the conventional fast food item.

“This is my fourth year participating in Kuching Festival and there’s more crowd at the fest this year,” she said.

Available in four varieties of chicken, beef, fish or special, the home-made burgers are wrapped in ‘poh piah’ skin and then deep-fried till golden for a crunchy, crispy texture.

Meanwhile, apart from locals who thronged the festival held at Dewan Masyarakat Padungan, Spanish tourists Hose and Salbe were first-time visitors to the fest.

CRUNCHY: Deep fried burgers are also available at the fest.

“There are so many varieties of food available that we do not know where to begin,” said Hose.

“Everything looks so interesting and smells so delicious,” Salbe added and revealed that the two would likely return for more food during their stay here in Kuching.

The 2012 Kuching Festival, which is anticipated to experience more than 40,000 visitors this year, ends on Aug 12.

Lydia Chai

FIRST TIME VISITORS: Spanish tourists Hose and Salbe.

LARGE CROWD: Food lovers thronged this year’s Kuching Festival despite the light drizzle.

POPULAR: Barbecued seafood.

VERY THAI: A visitor ordering Thai food.