Saturday, September 23

Fishing boat gutted in early morning fire


MIRI: A fishing wooden vessel berthed at Sungai Baong jetty in Krokop was destroyed in an early morning fire yesterday.

According to sources, there were no crew onboard when the fire occurred.

The loss was estimated at RM40,000. The fire is believed to have started at about 1am in the kitchen area of the vessel. No injuries were reported in the incident.

“I was asleep at that time, but was shocked when I saw the huge fire from the vessel that was berthed a fair distance away from here,” said one of the eye-witnesses, when met at the scene yesterday.

One fire engine with nine firemen were rushed to the scene after recieving a distressed call at about 3am and took two and a half hours to put out the fire.

The incident shook nearby fishermen who were woken up by the blaze and immediately moved their vessls away from the fire.

The actual cause of the incident is still being determined.