Senator Maijol quits BN, goes pro-Pakatan

KOTA MARUDU: Senator Datuk Maijol Mahap, who officially quit from United Pasokmomogun Kadazandusun Murut Organisation (UPKO) last week, yesterday joined the Sabah opposition front.

The UPKO vice-president formally confirmed his decision to leave the Barisan Nasional at a function held at his house in Kampung Kokobuan here yesterday afternoon.

Maijol followed in the footsteps of UPKO deputy president and Tuaran member of parliament Datuk Seri Wilfred Mojilip Bumburing and Beaufort member of parliament Datuk Seri Lajim Ukin who quit BN on July 29.

He gave the same reasons as Bumburing and Lajim for leaving BN.

“There are so many problems facing the Kadazandusun and Murut communities and all Sabahans.

“I have fought in UPKO for 14 years and voiced out these issues through various forums.

“But I see that the government is non-committal and not serious in resolving these problems,” he said.

“Therefore, I no longer have any confidence in the BN government to resolve the problems of Sabah and Malaysia.

“With this, my friends and I in Kota Marudu have decided to leave BN and together form this new political platform called ‘Angkatan Perubahan Sabah (APS)’ to help Pakatan Rakyat win the 13th general election,” he said.

APS, which is headed by Bumburing, was launched on June 29 together with another political platform called the Pakatan Perubahan Sabah (PPS) headed by Lajim.

In his speech, Maijol also predicted an imminent shift in Sabah and Malaysia’s political landscape.

“To me, all this happened and has continued to occur because of one factor and that factor is Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim.

“He has created a new spirit for change in Malaysia and these changes will lead to a new political system for the country – a two-party system and I support this,” he said.

Meanwhile, Anwar said more notable Sabah BN personalities will cross over to the opposition camp in the coming months.

He told reporters that it will set the stage for a fierce battle with the ruling BN when polls are held.

“On whether we expect more (crossovers), my answer, of course, is yes,” said Anwar, who has publicly announced that the 13th general election will be his last shot at power.

Among the top national and state opposition leaders present at the function yesterday were PR de facto leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, PKR secretary-general Datuk Saifuddin Nasution, PKR vice-president Chua Tian Chang, DAP’s Kota Kinabalu MP Hiew King Cheu, Sabah DAP chairman Jimmy Wong and Amanah deputy Tan Sri Abdul Kadir Syeikh Fadzir.

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