Sunday, September 26

Don’t replace third roundabout with traffic lights, plead road-users


SIBU: The proposal to turn the Brooke Drive/Kwong Ann Roundabout into a traffic light junction has not gone down well with some road-users.

Joseph, for one, said the roundabout was the remnant of three roundabouts along Brooke Drive.

“Two have been converted to traffic light junctions. I hope the authority would let this last one remain,” he said.

The other two were Pahlawan Roundabout and Merdeka Roundabout.

Joseph admitted that traffic could be rather heavy at the Kwong Ann Roundabout during peak hours.

He said motorists have to spend more time waiting for the lights to change if the last roundabout was converted into a traffic light junction.

“If the authority insists on the traffic lights, I suggest the roundabout be left intact. I am sure the traffic lights could be used with the roundabout. Let the traffic light function during peak hours but the roundabout work at other times,” he suggested.

“Install traffic lights at appropriate points only, and time them,” Joseph suggested as a way to cut cost.

A businessman concurred with Joseph, saying he had seen traffic lights being used at roundabouts in other countries.

“I agree it is a waste of public money to demolish a roundabout to make way for a traffic light junction. If the two can work together, why not? Better landscaping too,” said the businessman who did not want to be named.

Work on the proposed RM1 million project to turn Kwong Ann Roundabout into a traffic light junction will commence on Sept 3, and is expected to take two months.

Sibu Municipal Council and the Public Works Department are undertaking the project.

A feasibility study has shown heavy traffic at the roundabout from 11am to 1pm and from 5pm to 6pm.