Sunday, September 25

150 teachers enjoy fruitful experience at ICT workshop


INSIGHTFUL WORKSHOP: Hii (with microphone) in action at the workshop, while Tan (right) looks on.

KUCHING: A workshop on the application of multimedia technology as a teaching and learning aid proved to be an eye-opening experience for 150 SMK Sacred Heart teachers.

Conducted by lecturers from Swinburne University of Technology, Sarawak Campus, (Swinburne Sarawak) the one-day event at the school in Sibu focused on the iPad as a teaching aid.

The iPad is a tablet computer designed as a platform for audio-visual media including books, periodicals, movies, music, games, applications and web content. The teachers learned that the technology could be used to develop engaging and creative activities in the classroom.

Stephen Tan, principal of the school, was excited by the possibilities the technology offer and was optimistic about incorporating its use as a teaching aid.

“The teachers found the workshop interesting because the use of the iPad for teaching and learning has not really dawned on them yet. It (the workshop) was a great departure from the usual workshops which tend to focus on brain-storming and opinions,” he said.

Tan said that the school had been using laptops and LCDs but that the iPad is more advanced.

“If the students are excited, the process of teaching and learning is 90 per cent done. If each student has an iPad, our ideal pedagogy ‘From the sage on the stage to the guide by the side’ will come true,” he said.

Design lecturer John Hii from Swinburne Sarawak said the workshop demonstrated that multimedia technology could be employed as a teaching aid to make learning in the classroom more interactive and fun.

“The idea was to expose teachers to new educational technology, inspire creativity, help them to deliver engaging content and turn learning into a hands-on experience for students,” he said.

Hii said the highlight of the workshop was the iBook where the teachers were introduced to a new form of textbook with interactive photos, illustrations, text, videos and three-dimensional objects.

“With the media-rich textbook, they are able to expand the students’ learning experience both inside and outside the classroom. It allows teachers to be creative when developing their own iBook and deliver them to students instantly,” he said.

The teachers also learned new software such as a classroom management system, mind mapping for teaching and learning, note-taking and voice application for the classroom and screen- and video-capture for teaching.

The participants also had the opportunity to learn about hardware and software setups.

This includes, registering App Store accounts for online and offline backups and implementing file-sharing system to synchronise content anytime, anywhere for easy access.

They were also introduced to a wireless classroom management system, interactive quiz, poll, survey and feedback management system on the iPad.