Radioactive pendants may be hazardous to health — Dr Jerip

KUCHING: Radioactive pendants marketed since 2009 for their unique ability to induce holistic health, may be hazardous to the health instead of improving it.

These pendants, found to emit radioactivity higher than permissible level by the Atomic Energy Licensing Board (AELB), are Quantum Pendant and SE Pendant. Both are available in Sarawak through direct sale.

Assistant Public Health Minister Dr Jerip Susil told The Borneo Post since the AELB had banned the products, they should be removed from the shelf due to their hazardous nature.

“Those selling the products must comply with the ban by AELB. The pendants should not be allowed to circulate in the market,” said Dr Jerip.

He said as the items were hazardous, they must be removed from the public and the Department of Safety and Health, which is under the purview of the Federal government, should take the responsibility to carry out the task.

As for those owning the pendants, the Bengoh assemblyman said they should part with them as they had already been deemed harmful to one’s health in the long run.

“Our common sense tells us any substance that emits radioactivity higher than permissible is hazardous to our health, especially through long-term exposure.

“So it is the responsibility of every individual to part with their pendants and to tell those owning them to stop wearing them,” said Dr Jerip.

A professional who prefers to be known as Mr Chan, 59, took his SE pendant off instantly after being told it had been banned by AELB.

Chan said he acquired the pendant about five years ago through a direct sale company which performed a very convincing experiment showing how the pendant could have an instant effect on those wearing it.

“I bought it through direct sale for about RM560 but I know it has been sold at a much cheaper price,” said Chan.

Chan said he bought it believing the pendant, made from volcanic lava, had some miraculous properties that could enhance his health by enhancing blood circulation, raising body immunity and boosting vitality.

Meanwhile, state Domestic Trade, Co-operatives and Consumerism director Wan Ahmad Uzir Wan Sulaiman said until now, the department has yet to receive any directive from its headquarters to take the products off the shelf.

“Until we receive any notification from the Health Department, there is nothing we can do,” said Wan Ahmad Uzir, who promised to contact the headquarters to follow up on these radioactive pendants.

This issue of harmful radioactive pendants was brought to light by Consumer Association of Penang (CAP) which issued a press release on Sept 5 stating that AELB’s “analysis results revealed by the radio activity concentrations of both pendants are above the permissible level”.

It said the AELB had found “the radiation dose rate at the surface of the pendant is higher than the permitted for the public” and that it held the view that “the sale and use of these products should be stopped at once.”

“After conducting tests on the pendants, the AELB earlier this year informed the Ministry of Health the Board has decided to ban the use of Quantum Pendant and SE Pendant,” said the statement.

The statement also pointed out that Hong Kong has banned the SE pendant in 2009. It added that year-long contact with the pendant may result in erythema in some individuals while the risk of skin cancer also increases with the duration of contact.

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