Lawas MP reflects BN’s sincerity, says Awang Tengah


WARM WELCOME: (From third left) Sum, Awang Tengah and his wife Datuk Dayang Morliah Awang Daud being given a warm welcome on arrival at the Trusan Hari Raya gathering.

LAWAS: The good work of Datuk Henry Sum Agong as Lawas MP actually mirrors the sincerity of the BN government in serving the people of all races.

Second Minister of Resource Planning and Environment Datuk Amar Awang Tengah Ali Hasan, who made this remark, said, “he (Sum) is a Christian, but he has no qualms in providing assistance for, say, Ramadan activities in mosques and suraus.

“This proves that BN leaders are non discriminatory in serving the people”.

Awang Tengah told those present at a Hari Raya gathering in Trusan community hall on Monday that Sum’s good track record was what had prompted the top leadership in PBB to re-nominate him for the 13th general election.

In advising the people to remain united behind the BN to enable it to continue implementing its development agenda, Awang Tengah said the divisive politics of the opposition must be rejected as it could unsettle the harmonious environment prevailing in the state.

He said the brand of politics used by peninsula-based opposition parties as political capital ran contrary to the culture of the state and those practised by the BN.

“Politics based on religion and race can cause division and disunity. It should be rejected as it is alien to the locals who have been living in harmony.”

On the Hari Raya gathering, Awang Tengah said festive occasions such as Hari Raya, Christmas and Chinese New Year were actually opportunities for people of all races to renew their bonds and understanding.

“Sarawak is unique as every festive occasion is celebrated by every community, irrespective of their racial or religious backgrounds. This shows great mutual understanding and respect among the people here.”

Lawas District Officer Mohd Supaih Haamdan, heads of government departments and community leaders were also present at the gathering.