Wednesday, July 6

Power Root healthily launches Ah Huat Low Fat White Coffee


CLASSIC TASTE: Local celebrity Aniu, a well-loved figure in Malaysia entertainment, has been chosen to endorse ‘Ah Huat White Coffee’ for his positive image.

KUALA LUMPUR: The Power Root Group of Companies held a heartwarming launch for their new product range ‘Ah Huat White Coffee’ and announced the famous local artiste, Aniu as the product’s ambassador.

The ‘Ah Huat White Coffee’ range consists of four variants, namely ‘Ah Huat Low Fat White Coffee’, Ah Huat Low Fat No Sugar Added White Coffee’, ‘Ah Huat Extra Rich White Coffee’ and ‘Ah Huat Classic White Coffee’.

The Power Root Group is confident that all Malaysians will be heartened and invigorated by ‘Ah Huat White Coffee’ as the product range will keep everyone’s positive spirit.