Naked man causes frenzy in town

The man in handcuffs lies on the ground after he was overpowered.

Motorists and bystanders were in for a shock near Central Gadong yesterday afternoon when a naked man took a leisurely stroll on the streets.

Curious onlookers could not believe their eyes as the naked man, believed to be a Filipino in his 30s, created a frenzy as he stunned motorists and even attacked a passing vehicle with a twig as a makeshift weapon with two police personnel on his heels.

Two vehicles nearly got involved in a collision as one of the cars suddenly slowed down forcing the car behind to come to a screeching halt. The main attention though was on the sidewalk as the naked man, clearly distressed, stopped in his tracks seemingly running out of ideas.

With the man already noticeably causing public disorder, he also appeared to lose his temper and attacked a person who stepped out of his van. He then attempted to assault a member of the Royal Brunei Police Force but a colleague and other volunteers intervened and pinned him down to the ground.

The man walked around naked for 15 minutes before police personnel arrived to apprehend him.

According to his employer, the Filipino, who has spent only a few months at a workshop where he works, acted strangely yesterday. Their regular form of communication was in English but the Filipino national was responding in his own language yesterday. The employer got in touch with a friend to talk him out of his problems but to no avail. No further details were available at press time as the case is still under investigation.

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