Enough evidence on Project IC – Jeffrey

KOTA KINABALU: Sabah State Reform Party (Star) chairman Datuk Dr Jeffrey Kitingan is confident that there is enough evidence to show that the controversial Project IC does exist.

He said the recent police report lodged by three concerned citizens at the Keningau police station after finding a Pakistani holding a MyKad was among the evidence to prove his claim.

Stressing that it was ridiculous to deny the fact, Jeffrey questioned what further proofs would they need to say that Project IC existed.

He said there was no guarantee that this backdoor issuance of identity cards would stop even if Pakatan Rakyat took over the government because they were only interested in taking over Putrajaya.

“To maintain their hold over Sabah, PR will also need these foreign voters because they know Sabahans are fed up of being colonised by Malaya under the guise of the federal government.

“So the only long-term guarantee for Sabahans is to reclaim its autonomy, independence and restructure its administration and institutions of government according to its own mould and requirements. If Sabahans remain silent, if we do not act to save this nation, this country, this state, it may soon be destroyed. We must never let this happen. We have to stop all these now,” he said.

Jeffrey said Barisan Nasional and PR were only fighting for political control of Sabah because of Putrajaya, which meant the state’s resources, including oil.

“Sabahans should therefore not be swayed by their political rhetoric and games. They should decide for themselves what they want for themselves and their future. Only you can stop the government from abusing their power by electing your own government,” he said.

On Monday, Kampung Panagatan Laut Village Development and Security Committee chairman Steven @ Lahamin Wasibin @ Gosibin, Parti Bersatu Rakyat Sabah Sook Youth chief Kahirin Bador and Pensiangan Umno Commitee member Hasipin Arinum @ Arinin lodged a police report over a Facebook posting that a Pakistani man is in possession of a valid MyKad with the address at Kampung Panagatan Laut, Keningau.

The police report lodged by the trio followed a similar case of a foreigner found in possession of a MyKad in Keningau district.

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