Sunday, September 25

School principals attend multimedia demonstration


MOBILE TECHNOLOGY: School officials testing the teaching applications as Hii (left) looks on.

KUCHING: School principals from Miri, Subis and Baram districts had a glimpse into the future and saw how mobile devices could change the way lessons could be planned, taught and managed during a multimedia demonstration at Miri Library recently.

The 110 senior staff from 22 schools also found that lessons could be made more engaging, interactive and thought-provoking through the application of technologies, creating a climate that encourages learning among students.

The ‘window into the future’ was made possible by lecturers from Swinburne University of Technology Sarawak Campus at a demonstration which focused on creative content development for teachers.

“Mobile technology – such as mobile phones, ibooks, smartphones, tablets, laptops and interactive 3D – could change the way lessons are taught,” said John Hii, a multimedia lecturer at the university.

Hii and his team showcased classroom management utilities and tools which allowed teachers to create and customise interactive content.

With these they could control the activities, take attendance, record marks and student’s conduct or generate a class report with only a touch of a finger.

“In fact, this is already possible with the current technology available in the market, as we have demonstrated here. We only need to know how to use the right tools for the right purpose,” he added.

The participants were invited to try out some of the interactive content developed by Swinburne Sarawak: they could remotely retrieve and share files from their home computer from any location, hold video conferences, share files, and take notes – all through a mobile device.

Teachers could create their own digital textbook, quiz, and monitor students’ progress, without the use of paper. Teachers and students could also work and stay connected, making teaching and learning engaging and fun, Hii said.

The multimedia demonstration by Swinburne Sarawak was presented on the invitation of Miri Council of School Principals.