‘Don’t make Bintulu a Mafia town’

BINTULU: Bintulu MP Datuk Seri Tiong King Sing pledged to guard Bintulu town to ensure it would not become a Mafia town.

In a press statement yesterday, Tiong, who is also chairman of BN Backbencher Club, said townsfolk had become worried after the
Nov 29 gang fight among more than 30 gangsters for territorial control.

He said the incident looked like an action-packed Mafia movie.

“The peace and order of Bintulu should not be shaken. I have received numerous calls from the townsfolk, expressing worry over the situation including foreign investors who do not want to invest in a crime-infested town.”

Tiong called on the people to work with the police to suppress the violence.

He warned gangsters against setting up fortress in Bintulu: “Don’t ever think you can. We shall not allow you to take the law into your own hands to fight and kill as you like…  not when I am the MP of Bintulu.”

Tiong, who is also Justice of Peace, said as a town of peace where
people lived in a friendly neighbourhood, Bintulu was a town that had lured mammoth investments to open up new economic opportunities.

He admitted the incident on Nov 29 was shocking, saying the gangsters had come with kwantau, parang, swords, baseball bat and other weapons with intention to spill blood.

“Fortunately, police sprang into action to arrest four and seized numerous deadly weapons in their possession.”

The four had been detained, and he appealed for calm so police can complete their probe.

Tiong called youths in town to stay away from crime.

He said they are blessed with potential to contribute towards nation-building.

“Before you turn to crime, think about your loved ones at home. They are all worried sick for you.

“Do not regret when the police launch a manhunt for you.”

Assuring that he would stand by the cops, Tiong called on the people to ensure justice prevail in Bintulu.

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