Tuesday, August 9

Red tide still at worrying level – Fisheries Dept


KOTA KINABALU: The incidence of red tide in Papar, Tuaran, Tasik Sitompok (Kuala Penyu) and here is still at a worrying level.

Fisheries Department senior officer (head of the quality division), Boniface Jintony told The Borneo Post yesterday that the concentration of toxic algal blooms remained high at the affected areas.

“The incident began late November this year and has remained high,” he said.

He added that when the situation returns to normal, the department would issue another reminder to tell consumers that the red tide incident is over.

“As of now, we are still monitoring the situation,” he said.

Boniface also explained that most fish were safe for consumption as long as their gills and intestines were removed.

“We are asking people to avoid eating the ‘slender rainbow sardine’ fish which is also known as Dussumleria sp or ‘ikan tamban’. It is unsafe to eat the fish species because they eat plankton. People should also avoid shells as they accumulate high toxin,” he said.

Commenting on some 300 trawlers moored at the KK market waterfront, he said: “They are moored there because they do not understand the situation.”

He added that the trawler operators could continue to catch and sell fish and were requested to avoid catching and selling the slender rainbow sardine fish as well as shells during the present period.

“They get confused each time we make an announcement of red-tide incidents,” he said.