Sabah’s PMR result best in two years

KOTA KINABALU: Sabah recorded 3.01 State Average Grade (GPN) in this year’s Penilaian Menengah Rendah (PMR) or Lower Secondary Evaluation Examination, with a 0.02 per cent increase compared to last year’s 3.03.

A lower GPN (Gred Purata Negeri) indicates better grades.

Announcing the PMR results at Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan (SMK) Tun Ahmad Shah, Inanam here yesterday, Sabah Education Director Datuk Dr Muhiddin Bin Yusin however said that Sabah’s passing rate dropped to 62.04 per cent from 63.06 per cent in the 2011 PMR.

Out of 37,607 candidates, 922 or 2.45 per cent obtained straight A’s compared to last year’s 1,025 or 2.72 per cent.

This year’s overall result was also Sabah’s best in two years, he said.

“Although the number of passing rate has dropped, quality has increased because of the lower GPN recorded this year. We also recorded a lower straight E’s results, with only 16 candidates or 0.04 per cent compared to last year’s 26 candidates or 0.06 per cent, he added.

Overall, eight subjects showed improvements, namely Bahasa Melayu (+0.7 per cent), History (+0.6 per cent), Geography (+4.6 per cent), Islamic Studies (0.0 per cent), Mathematics (+0.7 per cent), Science (0.7 per cent), KHB Technical Skills (+0.1 per cent) and KHB Home Economics (+0.9 per cent), he said.

Six subjects showed a drop in passing rate – English (-1.9 per cent), KHB Agriculture (-1.0 per cent), KHB Commercial and Entrepreneurial (-0.9 per cent), Arabic (-14.6 per cent), Chinese (-4.6 per cent) and Kadazan Dusun (-0.1 per cent), Muhiddin said.

He also said two schools in the State recorded excellent results with 100 per cent passing rate, namely SM Sains Lahad Datu and SM Sains Sabah. Both schools scored 1.08 and 1.14 School Average Rate or Gred Purata Sekolah (GPS) respectively.

Other 11 schools recorded GPS at 2.20 points and below. They were SMK Tun Ahmad Shah Inanam (95.41 per cent with 1.62 GPS), SM Islamiah Tawau (92.86 per cent with 1.73 GPS), SM St Micheal Penampang (98.93 per cent with 1.76 GPS), SMK Agama Kota Kinabalu (77.53 per cent with 1.78 GPS), SMK Agama Tun Mustapha (78.46 per cent with 2.03 GPS), SM St Francis Convent (93.82 per cent with 2.08 GPS), SMK Agama Mohd Ali Ranau (65.88 per cent with 2.08 GPS), SM Sung Siew Sandakan (88.89 per cent with 2.1 GPS), SMK Agama Sandakan (74.07 per cent with 2.13 GPS), SMK Agama Limauan (82.22 per cent with 2.14 GPS) and SM All Saints Kota Kinabalu (90.85 per cent with 2.20 GPS).

One of straight 9As students from SMK Tun Ahmad Shah Inanam, Muhammad Faishal Norjeli said choosing the right friends for study group was his formula of success.

Respect for teachers and parents was also important because they were the main supporters in obtaining good results in examinations, he said.

“I have set my goal to have good result to make my parents and the school proud. In order to achieve it, I have to focus on my studies. I am thankful for the support from teachers and my loving parents, I hope they know that I really appreciate their kindness.

“I am the third child of six, and this is also an example to my younger siblings to do the best in their exams. Like the other teenagers of my age, I also love playing computer games but the most important is how to be focused in class and while doing revisions,” he added.

Muhammad Faishal who was accompanied by his father, Norjeli Dais, 47, mother Yeni Abdul Salam, 47, and five-year-old sister Siti Maherah, obtained 4A’s and 1B in his Ujian Penilaian Sekolah Rendah (UPSR) which enabled him to enter the school.

Meanwhile, another best student Azmannorsyafiq Herman of Tuaran who obtained 8A’s and 1B, said he had proved that he could be an excellent student even though his father had left the family.

“I am the first child from three siblings, my mother raises us alone without my father in the family. They were separated many years ago, and I am very lucky for having a mother who always prays for my success.

“I want to be a medical doctor, hopefully I can help others by treating them. I also want to ensure my family will have a better life, to give the best to my mother who is now planting vegetables and selling them in the market to feed us,” he said.

He admitted that it was very challenging living without a father, but his mother and teachers in school were the main supporters in encouraging him to produce good results.

Sharing his formula of success, Azmannorsyafiq advised students not to underestimate the power of last-minute studies, but preparation must start as early as Primary One to aim for good results.

He aimed for straight 9A’s, but only managed to obtain 8A’s, as he only got B for English subject.

“SPM (Sijil Penilaian Menengah) is another two years from now, I will focus more on that and aim for straight A’s. I am confident of achieving the goal because I have a supportive mother and my teachers are always on my side to help me with my studies,” he added.

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