Brunei to premiere first local dialect film


BRUNEIAN FILM: A photo shows the promotional poster for the film.

KUCHING: ‘Ada Apa Dengan Rina’ (What’s So Special About Rina) — Brunei’s first feature film using the Brunei Malay dialect — will premiere in the Sultanate on Feb 17.

Public screening of the film, which is also the first to involve fully local creative and technical expertise including cast members, will start on Feb 23.

A statement yesterday said the film is by Regalblue Production, which has been actively producing TV programmes for Radio Television Brunei since its establishment in 2002.

“This film a pioneer project that will hopefully establish Regalblue Production in film producing and will be in line with the company’s 10th year anniversary celebration,” said the statement.

The movie uses Brunei Malay — a dialect used by Bruneians every day.

This will be the first time the dialect is used in the cinema and Regalblue hopes to reach out to the local community with the language.

Regalblue also said the film will represent Brunei Darussalam at international festivals starting with the upcoming Asean International Film Festival and Awards (AIFFA) in Kuching on March 28-30.

The film is a comedy-drama centred around the main character Hakim, a 30-year-old bachelor, and the fascination over a theory that the ‘perfect’ person to be his wife should be named Rina.