VuPoint Solutions ‘Magic Wand Portable Scanner’ for Businesses – Review

VuPoint has a range of portable scanners for businesses but here I am going to talk about the VuPoint PDS-ST415-VPS. Here are its pros and cons in a nutshell:

The Good: You don’t need a computer to scan, you can set the pixel density at max 900 pixels per inch and can have JPG and PDF file formats.

The Bad: No microSD card for storing scanned docs.

The Verdict: It is a portable, easy to use, capable optical character recognition tool.

It is slightly larger than its predecessor which was named similarly, with just the S missing at the very end. The size is 1.2 x 10.1 x 1.2 inches and weighs 6.9 ounces; this means it is not as portable or handy as most other hand held scanners.

It basically works in the same way though. You start scanning from the top of the page and sweep your way down. There are rollers at the bottom of the scanner which help in the smooth sweeping. The scans are saved to its memory, making computers unnecessary. When you want to transfer the files to your computer, you can use the USB cable and copy the files once the computer recognizes the memory card in the scanner. Only problem is the memory card is an extra; it is not supplied as part of the scanner.


This is simple enough; just put in the AA batteries, insert the memory card and you are good to go. If you want you can install the Abbyy Fine Reader Sprint software on the computer.


This process is also very simple. You have a button to decide the pixel density: 300, 600 or 900. There is another button you can use to select the file format, JPG or PDF. Once you configure these settings, start scanning. Just watch the scan status light after you hit the scan button. If it turns red, it means there is something wrong with your scanning; maybe you were going too fast. Then you need to start over.

The only way that you will know if the scan was proper however, is when you transfer the scanned file to your computer. This may be problematic for you, as by the time you transfer the file it may be too late to rescan. This is why it is important to keep your eye on the scan status light, and immediately rescan if the warning light comes on.


This portable scanner is good for two things mainly optical character recognition and document management. And it performs both these jobs remarkably well.

For the OCR, Fine Reader Sprint produces spectacular results even with small sized fonts. Additionally the Sprint collates all the separate files created by the scanner into one single file wither in Word or PDF format so that it is searchable.

IT does not do a good job of scanning photos and the rollers have a problem with the photo paper; but then of course, that is not in this particular scanner’s job description, so it’s alright. If you put the photos in a plastic sleeve you can get an ok result; but this scanner should be used for photos only in emergencies or for casual use, never for professional or high quality jobs.

As a portable scanner for documents however it is definitely a strong contender. Thanks to its relative ease of use and competitive pricing. It is available on Amazon for $ 104.95. The only drawback of this tool as a document scanner is its inability to substantiate the quality of the scan on the spot.

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Carlene Masker is a technology enthusiast who is fond of writing helpful tips and fresh tidbits of information about the different fields in technology and innovation. She is currently working with Buyverizon Telco Services where you can find the latest information on finding internet service promotions.

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