Japanese performers at World Harvest Festival 2013


LOCAL TALENT: Anak Adi’ Rurum will be performing at the World Harvest Festival this year.

KUCHING: International performers from Mayuzumi Foundation for Traditional Folk Dance of Japan will take part in an annual international concert, one of the programmes for the World Harvest Festival 2013 to be held at SCV from May 3 to 5.

The Mayuzumi Japanese Folk Dance and Cultural Foundation was established by a master of Japanese folk dance, the late Setsuko Mayuzumi, in 1986.

The foundation has been performing dance pieces produced by Setsuko to introduce Japanese folk dances at home and abroad, under the leadership of Moriyuki Kato, former director-general of the Agency of Cultural Affairs, Japan.

It has done research on Japanese folk dances in various districts in the country to restore them as modern stagework.

It has held performances at the National Theater of Japan, its other prominent theaters and in joint events outside Japan namely United States, France, Italy, Saudi Arabia and China.

The foundation has been conducting exchange programmes with countries in East Asia such as China and Korea with a common rice growing culture, especially in cooperation with Yunnan province of China. The biennial visiting programme to each country has been carried out for 27 years. They are targeting Southeast Asia for future exchange programmes.

Meanwhile, a Kelabit cultural group will also join the World Harvest Festival in SCV. These young girls with a passion for dance to the accompaniment of sape music formed a group called Anak Adi’ Rurum (Young Performers).

The group consists of six members: Michelle Lungan Ajan, Kedung Ballang, Caithlin Supang Joseph, Rachel Mina William, Krystal Rudang Agan and Jo-Ann Dayang Agan.

Determination coupled with lots of practice and hard work saw them perform at functions including the 8th Education Excellence Awards 2009, Rurum Kelabit Sarawak and Lun Bawang Association gatherings and weddings.

Organised by Sarawak Cultural Village (SCV), the World Harvest Festival has the support of Ministry of Tourism Sarawak (MOT) and Ministry of Tourism Malaysia.

The festival is an event to savour traditional music, dance, action and cuisine. Besides the grand finals for Miss Cultural Harvest Festival are the live staging of ‘The Fish Princess: A Highlander Love Story’ adapted from Kelabit folklore; the final competition of Ironman WHF 2013, Sarawak Kitchen Food Festival and ‘ngabang’ (house visiting).

A series of joint workshops by local and invited cultural troupes will be held during the three-day festival. It’s a chance for visitors get to share their community’s traditions, dance and music.

Tickets are RM60 per person. For more information, contact SCV staff at 082-846411 or 082-846108.