Make today real special for mums

How’s she doing?

TODAY is Mothers Day and I wish all mothers the love and blessings they deserve and also thank them for giving me a reason not to write about politics – we have an overdose of the ‘p’ word of late.

Strangely, as I ponder over what to write on Mothers Day, my thoughts drift back to the tragic helicopter crash off the coast of our state last year which claimed the life of two people.

One of them was a woman who just managed to make a final phone call before she died – and significantly she rang her mother.

Her last words – ‘Mak tolong’ (mum help) – must have stabbed her mother’s heart with fear and one can only imagine what she went through after receiving that call.

Yet, on looking back at that tragically poignant moment, it must also give her much comfort to know that the one person her daughter thought of when staring at death in the face was her.

The woman’s mother or anyone else could not have done anything to save her but in her despair, she needed the comfort of her mother’s love more than anything else.

Thinking of our mothers when we are in mortal danger is an instinct in all of us, nurtured by her unconditional love.

We know she will always be there, even if she might not be able to actually help, her genuine concern is a balm to our troubled mind.

Knowing that someone cares always gives us courage to face our challenges and the one person we know who will always care is our mother.

One of the best loved quotes about mother’s love is from the actress Sophia Loren who said: “A mother always thinks twice – once for herself and once for her child.”

Indeed, the first thought that comes to a mother’s mind when faced with a decision is often that on her child.

Often she instinctively knows your fears and your needs – she understands what you do not say.

As far as a mother is concerned, her child will always be a child, no matter how old the child has grown.

You may be a king, a multi-millionaire or an ordinary clerk, you will never be more than a child to your mother.

As WR Wallace famously said: “The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world.”

But a mother is also faced with a dilemma in her love for her child because while she wants you to be her child always, she also shoulders the responsibility of preparing you to leave home and start a life of your own.

Often letting go of her children is the most daunting challenge a mother faces. Of course, a child cannot be always receiving from his or her mother – a time will come when the table is turned. When the mother is old and infirm, it’s time to give back.

However, the mushrooming old folks’ homes in our urban society shows that giving back is not as simple as making room in the house for an aging mother.

I will not mount the high steed and preach to you the virtue of filial love because circumstances often make it impossible for families to take in their aging parents.

We all have to face the reality of modern society where both spouses work and do not even have time to look after their own children.

Old folks’ homes are the last option but very often, they are the only option.

Placing parents in a home for the aged maybe a forced decision but visiting them is often an option for the children.

I have seen the joy of a mother when her daughter visited her at the home and how she loathed seeing her leave.

Today is Mothers Day and for those of you who have mothers living in such homes, are you planning a family visit to see her?

What about mothers at your home? What’s in store for them from you?

On their special day today, let us all salute mums everywhere for their selfless love.


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